I am Story

Hello, I am story is a website to hopefully cure writer's block. I know the titles are weird and I am sorry. I had no idea what to put so I just did that. Anyways, I hope these pictures will help you with creating your story. I am a student and I created this website in tech class, so, yeah, that's it.
Stay Gold.

A list I apparently need

let's start with this one, you arrive in a strange new home after a relitave you didn't even know about passed....you do the rest.

Deep in the depths of a forgotten palace, a young girl plays on a throne, she'd been coming for a while, the beauty of the castle drawing her in, now she played there all the time. Suddenly, a guard comes in with a grimy and mad prisoner, the guard bows to her "You're majesty, we have finally found him." Leaving the rest to you.

After thousands of years, you rewaken wrapped in yellowing, aged bandages, you look around you blearily, and you see numerous guards around you.



These are some videos that might help you, and please know that I have not watched these because my school bands YouTube unless it's for educational purposes, which is wierd because I'm doing this for tech class but whatever, and I also apologize in advance for this man's facial expressions (no offense) but yeah, check them out